Friday, April 17, 2009

Get thee to Coachella, fella

Don't know why I didn't get tickets to the 10th Annual Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival, which starts today in Indio.

Terrific lineup this year: about 50 bands each day! Some of my friends are going all three days. I'll probably be at my desk at work when the first text messages start rolling in.

Sigh. I really should be at Coachella today.

Indio's not that far of a drive.

I can still grab tickets on line, and text my boss while I'm on the road.

After all, there's a time for work, and there's a time for ROCK. Right? Sometimes you just gotta be spontane

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  1. Hey kiddo, i haven't read your blog in a while, this moving across country twice a year really bites. And boring as it may seem, the washer died today. You sound pretty good, blog wise, just know that we're thinking about you,oh, and Walt's niece is remembering you in her prayers, only she remembered you as Mike, so hopefully he will pass on any good stuff from the past six months to you She meant well. Keep your chin up, we love ya