Thursday, April 9, 2009

I second that emoticon

Not being able to talk is one of the biggest drags about this cancer ordeal of mine.

I keep a pen and a pad of paper handy wherever I go. But I don’t have the neatest penmanship and I’m not the fastest writer. Sometimes people get impatient with me and walk away before I have a chance to complete a sentence.

Maybe my problem is that I’m simply long-winded. Or maybe my crutch is my reliance on communicating in English.

I mean, this is the digital age, right? There's a wide world of emoticons out there just waiting to be incorporated into my vocabulary!

Before I got sick, emoticons annoyed the hell out of me. I'm thinking now that these lil' boogars might be able to help me stay connected with the outside world while my tongue heals.

Here's a starter set:


Sigh. Tongue mildly swollen today


Ugh! Tongue grossly swollen today


Time to toss another yummy meal down the G-tube


Say, have you seen where I left my drool cup?


That's a swell idea!


That's a crummy idea!


Looking forward to having enough energy to spend a day at Disneyland soon


Please pardon the goop leaking out of my trach


Please pardon the goop dripping out of my nose, too


OK, so posting a whole blog about emoticons wasn’t such a hot idea after all

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  1. Paul,

    Last night Laurie and her husband hosted their annual Seder and this was the first year that I attended. It was a beautiful evening filled with music, food and people sharing stories about their own freedoms or their own enslavements. I wanted to speak about you but being a bit shy and thinking that my emotions would probably get the best of me, I said my own silent prayer for you.
    You are in my thoughts.
    Sara Jane Slotnick