Saturday, April 18, 2009

In the groove

I led too many people astray on Friday by abandoning my blog in mid-sentence.

The impression I was trying to make was that I spontaneously bolted from my apartment to head to the Coachella music festival, taking place this weekend in Indio.

Naw, I went to work instead. And I apologize to any of my friends at Coachella who may be looking for me in the crowd, and to any readers of this blog who may have thought that I dropped dead before completing Friday's entry.

I decided to stay in L.A. this weekend to celebrate National Record Store Day. Already today, I've hit two record shops in Hollywood and the Silver Lake area to score limited edition releases and take advantage of bargain prices, and I'm on my way to the westside and the Valley to check out a few more shops.

I still think I belong at Coachella. But since I'm not, I'm having a ball keeping Record Store Day hole-y. And there are plenty of holes to choose from on Record Store Day: the wide hole of a 45, the tiny hole of an LP, or the pinky-size hole of a CD.

Come Monday, Record Store Day will be over, Coachella will be history and I'll be headed to Kaiser for another follow-up on my cancer treatments.

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