Friday, August 28, 2009

A Pos Ped rides again

Made yet another stride in getting my groove back this morning: I wore my 2009 Positive Pedalers jersey for the very first time.

Positive Pedalers is a group of people living with HIV/AIDS dedicated to eliminating stigma. Most, but not all, Pos Peds are cyclists, and many participate in fund-raising rides across the country for AIDS and other causes.

I ordered my Pos Ped jersey early this year, and planned to wear it during AIDS/LifeCycle 8 in June. Cancer kept me off the AIDS ride this year, and up till last week, it also kept me off my bike.

My Pos Ped jersey arrived in the mail last month, sent by my buddy Nathan, but I just tossed it in my closet without even removing it from the plastic bag.

This morning, I broke open that bag and slipped on the jersey. Then I got into my cycling shorts, put on my shoes, plopped the helmet on my head and headed to work.

I never stopped being a Pos Ped, but it sure felt great today to look like one, too.

1 comment:

  1. Good show Paul, I wear any of mine as often as I can

    R. J Hadley
    Pos Ped board member as of 2011