Friday, August 14, 2009

My cancer makeover

God knows that I've been yammering endlessly about how this cancer ordeal has affected me, but unless you have seen me in person over the past seven or eight months, you have no idea how my appearance has changed.

I guess it's time to post Before and After photos. The photo on the left is me in the summer of 2008. The photo on the right is me about 15 minutes ago.

Believe it or not, I am trying to crack a smile in the After self-portrait from today. But my mouth doesn't move that way these days; my face is more or less frozen in a permanent pout.

The After photo also reveals how challenged I am by the simple act of shaving. The lower part of my face has lumps where there was once a jawline and certain regions of my face are impossible to shave cleanly within the amount of time that I can stand looking at myself in the mirror.

With luck, I won't ever look as scary as I do in the After photo on this page. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if I just mind my P's & Q's my old face —or a decent facsimile— may come back someday.

This face, however, may serve me well on Halloween.

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