Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday-morning spin

A family member posted on Facebook on Sunday that he thinks that Cash for Clunkers is the best thing President Obama has done.

I better be careful about saying anything about politics. The last time I dipped my toe into political waters —the shallow end of the pool, naturally— a follower started hunting for the Escape key and threatened to bolt from this blog for good.

But if any of you on Facebook have President Obama in your stable of friends, please tell him that I hope he can get Congress to pump more money into Cash for Clunkers after it expires at 8 p.m. EDT today.

Giving car-buyers $4,500 rebates for trading in fuel-wasting clunkers for fuel-efficient new cars was a good idea. But it's time to remove car dealers from the Clunkers equation.

How about giving folks a $4,500 rebate when they trade in their clunker for a bicycle?

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