Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Jersey state of mind

Just because I'm not riding my bike yet doesn't mean I can't dress up and pretend.

As my cancer tumor shrinks, my cycling wardrobe keeps growing. No fewer than two spiffy brand-new cycling jerseys are headed my way.

The first one is the 2009 Positive Pedaler jersey.

Positive Pedalers is a group of riders and roadies who are living with HIV/AIDS, and I'm been a member since 2006. Each year, Pos Peds produces a new edition of a cycling jersey in time for AIDS/LifeCycle, and this season's model is shown here.

It's a beaut, ain't it? Is "curvaceous" only a girly word? Because I'm thinking that after I slip on this baby, it will create an illusion of perkier pecs and slimmer hips. As long as I avoid developing man boobs in the autumn of my days, I'll be wearing my '09 Pos Ped jersey for years to come.

The message on the sides of the Pos Ped jersey, "eliminating stigma," speaks to the heart of the Pos Ped mission.

The second jersey headed my way, also shown here, is the limited edition jersey produced by the AIDS/LifeCycle gang for any participant who raises $5,000 or more for the cause. In my case, the funds I raised for ALC 8 benefit the HIV services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.

Snazzy, eh? The question posed on the front of this jersey "What can a hero do in seven days?" is answered on the back: "Raise over $5,000. Ride 545 miles. Make a difference. Ride to end AIDS."

After my fund-raising got sidelined by this cancer mess and I sputtered out before making it to $3,000, I didn't think I would reach my target of raising five grand this year. Then my friend Laurie offered to send a letter to her friends asking them to support my participation in AIDS/LifeCycle 8. My ALC fund grew by another $2,000 just from Laurie and her generous pals.

I don't truly deserve the "hero" label on my new ALC jersey –each and every one of my donors do. But heck, I'll wear it anyhow.

My next step is actually getting my butt in the saddle and riding.

Being a cyclist is not only about looking purdy.

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