Thursday, May 7, 2009

Angels among us

My Isosource inventory more than doubled yesterday, thanks to two people with halos over their heads.

My longtime friend Marcy is a registered dietitian who works as a program manager at the L.A. County Office of AIDS Programs and Policy. Years ago, Marcy and I worked together at AIDS Project Los Angeles, and we still stay in touch. Marcy is one of the saints who have supported me every time I raised funds for APLA's AIDS Marathon and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center's AIDS/LifeCycle.

My new friend Orville is a registered dietitian at Project Angel Food, an organization that provides meals for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Project Angel Food, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, recently moved into a building on Vine Street in Hollywood, just down the road from a site once occupied by APLA.

Someone donated seven cases of Isosource to Project Angel Food, but the organization doesn't distribute liquid supplements to its clients. Orville didn't want the Isosource to go to waste, so he got in touch with Marcy and she told him that she knows someone who uses the product.

Last night after work, I stopped at Project Angel Food and picked up the gift. All I was required to do was hold the door open for Orville and five other Angels as they carried the cases of Isosource out of the building and loaded them into my car.

I now have enough Isosource to get me through the middle of the summer. Or maybe I'll host a big Memorial Day bash for the G-tubers of greater Los Angeles.

Thank you, Marcy, and thank you, Orville and Project Angel Food for the many meals to come.


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