Monday, March 30, 2009

On the road to recovery

A friend asked me on Sunday if I went to Prince's concert on Saturday night in order to celebrate the end of my cancer treatments.

I'd love to celebrate pulling myself through six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and shaking my booty to "Delirious" would have been one way to do so. But it's too soon to declare victory.

Cancer is a wily adversary. Weeks –perhaps months– may pass before I know which one of us will come out ahead in this fight.

There will be a handful of opportunities in the near future for measuring my progress. I'll be seeing both Dr. B1 and Dr. B2 in early April, and I have an additional appointment in Kaiser's oncology department on April 20.

My hope is that each of these appointments will yield at least a morsel of good news about my chances of recovery.

I bet some of you have a better idea of what I might expect than I do. You may know someone who has been down this road, or maybe you have firsthand experience with cancer.

This is my first close-up encounter with this disease. I'm learning this stuff as I go along.

I'm glad that I started this blog, even before I knew it was cancer that I was up against. Writing is therapeutic for me, but I don't want to waste anyone's time. Now that I'm not having daily appointments at Kaiser, my cancer news is already running thin.

So if I don't post daily, don't think that I've lost interest in this blog. I just don't want to get a reputation for being the author of a blog that makes its readers' eyes glaze over.

By the way, April 1 is just around the corner. If by some miracle, I wake up on that date and discover that all of my cancer symptoms have vanished, I'm telling you now that I'm gonna sit on that news for a day.

Like I said, cancer is a wily adversary. Don't want to have to backpedal on a proclamation of a cure if it turns out that my cancer cells were only pulling an April Fools prank on me.


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