Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let the recovery campaign begin!

The Obama administration –who knows a thing or two about marketing– recently unveiled a logo that represents the $787 billion stimulus package signed into law last month.

Office Map

The logo, cast in the familiar shape of the Obama logo from the presidential campaign, shows a cluster of white stars to represent patriotism, a set of gears to represent industry, and a leaf to represent –I dunno, the new economic leaf that the administration is turning over?

This seal, President Obama said, is intended to remind us that the government "is doing its part to put the economy back on the road to recovery."

Well, with the end of radiation treatments and chemotherapy, I'm also on the road to recovery. I may very well find myself zipping alongside the presidential motorcade as it escorts the U.S. economy into recovery.

I hope that the Obama team doesn't mind that I've adapted his recovery logo for my own personal campaign. I've kept the white stars out of loyalty to the president, but replaced the gears and the leaf with symbols connected with my own campaign to rescue my tongue and reclaim my tummy.

I hope that the treatments that are now winding down will succeed in being the right kind of stimulus package I need to beat cancer.

My campaign isn't costing you a penny, and no A.I.G. bigwigs will walk away with any bonuses. May I can count on your support?


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  2. You can always count on my support. I'll even support you if the folks and the legal team of Nanker and Phelge come knocking on your door with a cease and desist.

  3. Nanker and Phelge don't scare me. I heard that they give legal advice to their former collaborator Phil Spector.