Monday, September 7, 2009

Smooth moves

I always get a little nervous when I shave these days.

I just don't recognize the guy in the mirror whose face I'm trying to shave. Beyond the shock of unfamiliarity, it's really difficult to get a close shave on the parts of my face that have premature rigor mortis. It's like shaving moss off of a rock. I'm horrified that I'm going to break the razor or chip part of my chin.

The night before a new work week begins, I give it my best shot. Around the middle of the week, I'll stand before the mirror again and give myself a maintenance shave but it never seems to do much good.

Which gives me another reason to admire Pee-wee Herman. Pee-wee sure is clean-shaven.

On Sunday, I went to the Silent Movie Theatre for a screening of "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," which was released almost 25 years ago and is just as funny now as it was then. If I could laugh, I would have laughed for the entire film —from the first scene, in which Pee-wee dreams that he wins the Tour de France, to the last, when he and his friend Dottie fly their bicycles, E.T.-like, in front of a drive-in movie screen.

Before the film, a few clips of Pee-wee's appearances on Late Night with David Letterman were shown. Man, how I wish I could laugh out loud. Maybe you can do that for me.

Pee-wee's humor may not be everyone's cup of tea —I get the feeling that Dave doesn't quite know what to make of him— but if nothing else, you gotta admire Pee-wee's clean shave.


  1. So Paul, thanks to your posting, I wasted a good 6 minutes of my work day watching Pee Wee. Later when my son came home from school, I ruefully told him what I had wasted my day doing. And I acted out the joke--and he assured me that for a joke like that, those 6 minutes were far from wasted.

    And of course, all afternoon we shook my heads and said "the face rings a bell..."

    So, thank you for making our day....(I miss Pee Wee in our lives).

  2. Hey Jude (an appropriate salutation for this holy day for Beatles fans)

    Lucky for us, there is no need to be missing Pee-wee. He's doing the Pee-wee Herman Show at the Music Box at the Fonda between Nov. 8 and Dec. 19. Tickets went on sale a while back. If they're not sold out, you can find 'em at Ticketmaster.