Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bells are ringing

I hadn't expected to see Dr. B1, my head and neck surgeon, until my next appointment with him at Kaiser, a week from Monday.

So it was quite a jolt to spot Dr. B1 at the gym Sunday morning. While sitting on a stationary bike and reading the New York Times, I turned to Page 16 of the Style section, and there was Dr. B1's photo in the Weddings and Celebrations announcements.

My doc and his partner, Glenn Williamson, got hitched on Saturday at Dr. B1's family farm in Crescent, Iowa.

For years, I've been asking myself why I read the Weddings and Celebrations in the Times with such attention to detail. Well, all of that effort paid off this morning.

I hope Dr. B1 and his husband don't hyphenate their surnames. Dr. B1 is a convenient handle for my doc in this blog. Dr. B1-W or Dr. W-B1 rolls less easily off the tongue. Not that anything rolls off my tongue these days, of course.

Congratulations, doc!

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