Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here's a thriller for you

Michael Jackson and I both were born in 1958 and we both lived a big chunk of our days in the San Fernando Valley, but parallels between my life and Jacko's pretty much dry up after that.

Well, now there's a new link tying the King of Pop with yours truly, the Prince of Pap. We're bookends in Dana Miller's Out and About column in the new edition of Frontiers In LA, Los Angeles' surviving gay news publication.

It's a treat to be mentioned in Out and About, which, in an obvious act of kindness toward readers of my generation, bumped up the size of type in the print edition from near-agate to 12 points with cushy leading.

Mr. Miller was absolutely correct in leading the column with Jackson and saving me for the end. He writes about a 1984 poolside meeting with Jackson in which the singer wore "Vulcan-like prosthetic ears" and had colorful things to say about the music business. I expect the bit about Spock ears to be picked up by the A.P. in the next news cycle.

Mr. Miller also describes Jacko "a tad daft" and generously leaves my mental state unaddressed.

If you're arriving at this blog after reading about it in Out and About, welcome. Put up your feet and stay awhile. I can't promise you tales of prosthetic ears, but wait till you hear about my rubber tubes and dentures.

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