Monday, June 22, 2009

Roger Wilco, T.T.F.N.

Your trusty blogger is playing hooky for a spell.

Wilco, one of my three favorite rock bands, is in town this week and I'm going to all four of their performances. The first show was on Saturday in Pomona, and the next three are at the Wiltern Theatre on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Going to these shows, standing in line in order to get a good spot in front of the stage, keeping up my work schedule and sleeping will keep me out of the blogger's chair this week.

You might think that going to just one Wilco performance would be enough, but I'm bats for this band. Wilco has a wide catalog spanning nine albums and unlike a lot of touring bands, Wilco doesn't play a routine set each time they play. On this tour, not only are they spicing up their shows with songs that don't get played very often, they're also playing a brand-new batch of songs for the very first time.

So I'm putting this blog on the back burner so I can play fan boy.

But I have a PET scan scheduled for Thursday, so by the weekend, I'll be returning this blog to its upright position.

Then again, I just may decide to hide myself in one of Wilco's gear cases after their last performance at the Wiltern and follow them to Berkeley, Colorado and Virginia and then on to Dublin.

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