Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A memorial with a message

I spotted this bicycle locked to a street sign at the intersection of Fountain and La Brea in Hollywood while driving home from work a few weeks ago.

The bike is coated with white paint, and the sign attached to its frame reads "Alina Sheyman & Maria Velasquez lost their lives to a motorist 3/31/09."

You might assume that Ms. Sheyman and Velasquez were riding bicycles when they were struck. Reports on the incident that I found online, however, state that the two women, who were both in their 70s, were walking in the crosswalk with Ms. Sheyman's 45-year-old son when a northbound motorist turning left onto Fountain collided with another vehicle headed south. One of the two vehicles hit the three pedestrians, killing the two women and seriously injuring Ms. Sheyman's son.

No one was arrested or cited, pending an investigation.

The bicycle is seen by thousands of people daily driving through that busy intersection on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood. I hope it makes the roads a little safer, for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

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