Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My week of Wilco

Just popping by to say hey and to share some photos from my week of blog hooky.

I'm midway through what one of my friends waggishly dubbed "Wilco-chella": a four-show run of performances in L.A. by the band Wilco. Still photographs strip away 95 percent of the excitement of any rock concert but have a look at Wilco photos I posted on Flickr, and take a peek at a set of vastly superior shots by a friend of a friend.

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Wiltern staff gave me a comfortable seat behind velvet ropes to watch the show, and I plan to return to that perch for Tuesday's show. (For the final show of Wilco-chella, I have a reserved seat in the theater's loge.)

Wilco is scheduled to perform on Conan O'Brien on Wednesday evening, which means they will literally be lurking in my neighborhood. Catch the show if you can.

Me, I'll be hanging out at El Poquito Más waiting to see if Wilco stops by for a bite after Conan. I'm dying to know which kind of salsa Jeff Tweedy prefers on his tacos.

I'm guessing hot.

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  1. hey Paulie, you're busy, and here I am fat and well over fifty, and doing nothing notable, or even blogable. Wishin' you well, and sendin love, and all of that stuff from the chilly rainy east coast. It's nearly July, and it feels like November, what the heck?