Friday, February 13, 2009

Five down

When I first laid my eyes on my custom ThermaSplint radiation head gear in the Radiation and Oncology Department, Hannibal Lechter's mask came to mind.

Turns out that I got my movie monsters crossed.

After spotting an ad for the latest film in the Friday the 13th series today, I recognized my ThermaSplint mask in Jason Voorhees' creepy disguise.

You can bet that I will avoid "Friday the 13th" this weekend.

After five straight days of radiation therapy, and my next session not scheduled till Monday, I need a break from anything that will remind me of cooking under ionizing rays inside that ThermaSplint cage.

I know I began this week optimistically but tonight I am bushed from the barrage of treatments.

All day at work today, I felt as if I were going to throw up, and I still felt that way when I was locked into position for today's radiation session.

As I mentioned a while back, it would be a major loss if I were to barf. That would draw the curtain on 32 consecutive vomit-free years.

I would have to reset my no-vomit clock, and I wouldn't match my current record until 2041, when I will be 83 years old.

I made it to my parking space in the alley behind my building without incident, but once I turned off the ignition, I popped the seat into reclining position and fell asleep in my car.

My apartment door is only about 50 feet from my parking space, but I just didn't have enough energy to make it there.

I've got five days of treatment under my belt, but I have a long road ahead of me: 28 more radiation sessions to go, and two more rounds of chemotherapy.

It's not even 8 o'clock but I'm ready to turn in for the night.

I know that not every day will be like today. That's what I'll be thinking when I rest my head on my pillow.

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  1. Do you think you're Jerry Seinfeld, counting years of no barfing?

    Feel better, bud. And no, not every day will be as bad as today. But even at that, at least it's another day. It will get better, as I hope you will too.
    Love you!