Monday, February 16, 2009

Cancer haiku

New Sign at the Entrance to My Apartment Complex

"This building contains
Chemicals that cause cancer"
Oh, now they tell me


The Radiology Waiting Room

Smiles, laughs, chatter
Cancer isn't contagious
But happiness is


Man, Service Is Slow Today

Syringe stuck on "F"
Call Josephine the Plumber
To clear clogged G-tube


Weather Alert

Uh, oh! Flash flood watch
Drowning risk high for folks with


Wasted Words

Nausea sure would be
A pretty name for a girl
Chlamydia, too


Airspace Violation

Hindenburg flew in
My room overnight and made
My mouth its hangar


Treatment Time

Laying motionless
Hoping the radiologist
Is a good marksman


  1. From Your Schmaltzy Friend

    Words cannot express
    The impact you made on me
    My life is richer

  2. There is only
    one rainbow and
    many skies.