Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jeepers creepers, what's up with my peepers?

I gotta envy that animatronic Abe Lincoln that returned to Disneyland's Main Street Opera House the other day.

The life-size robot of our 16th president sure looks lifelike —far more lifelike than I look or feel these days.

Linc blinks, which is more than I can say for at least one of my eyes.

Sometime over the past few weeks, my left eye stopped blinking. My doctor says that it's a consequence of cancer on my central nervous system.

An unblinking eye can cause vision damage, so my doctor immediately prescribed eye drops so I can get some moisture in my eye and an ointment to help me keep the eye shut when I sleep.

He said that I can't overuse the eye drops. At the rate that I've been dropping the lubricant in my eye, the 15 mL bottle he prescribed will be depleted in no time and I'll be back at the pharmacy for a refill. Maybe I'll get a keg of the stuff.

As for the ointment, my doctor says that I should use it to "sort of glue your eye closed" when I go to sleep at night.

I see potential for all kinds of disaster. If one eye is asleep and the other glued shut, how will I be able to aim at the toilet when I get up during the night to pee? What happens if I roll my head during the night and glue my eye to my pillow? What if mistakenly grab the tube of eye ointment when I need to apply Preparation H instead?

I guess all of these issues will resolve themselves over time, and using the new drugs will become second-nature to me.

What really worries me, however, is the possibility that this new symptom may spread to my right eye.

With two unblinking eyes, and a red-and-white dress, I'd be a doppelganger for Little Orphan Annie.


  1. Here are a couple of suggestions ... (1) we get you an eye patch. Could be very fashionable. Maybe we could find one with the Rolling Stones tongue on it! (2) as far as the mid night toilet runs ... pee sitting down. It works for a big part of the population. As to the Preparation H ... can't help you there!!

    Love ya and see you in a few days.

    Mike (the brother)

  2. you two are wierd and wierder, no kidding. It's like who came first, the chicken or the egg with you. See ya

  3. Okay, who is Anounymous? I think it is Anne, cause everyone else knows the egg came first! Anne, remember, when you drive out to LA ... keep the ocean in front of you.

    Mike (the brother and cousin)

  4. oh sure keep the ocean in front, how mabout the side? like I said, wierd and wierder. and you spelled anonymous wrong... see ua love

  5. HI Paul,I made an apple pie in a paper bag for Thanksgiving and I remember you as a senior in highschool saying my apple pie was REALLY good. So I Googled your name and here you are. You never know what life will deal you but you're still a very clever writer I can see. I gave Lynn your blogspot, she's very busy always but we talked for a long time this afternoon. My other two children died, Mark a year ago in September of brain cancer and Susan in 2001. I will keep you in my prayers. I'm not a Sprenger anymore, and I don't live on 15th West in Lancaster -- I've been married for 26 years to a great guy and we live in Leona Valley.
    Regards and I'm glad you made it to Disneyland!!
    Karen Meunier

  6. Karen

    Thanks for finding me and reconnecting. I'm so sorry that Mark and Susan have passed away. I have very strong memories of both of them. You raised three terrific kids. Please give my best to Lynn and have a healthy new year. You can reach me at

    All the best