Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday hiatus

Apologies for neglecting this blog, gang!

A bevy of family members swept into town last week for the holidays, so my energies were directed toward them. But they all have gone back to Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona and San Diego now and I'm settling back into my routine, so I'll be posting the latest news over the next day or so.

Here's a photo of me and my dad, who spent the past four nights with me. I hadn't seen Dad since my mom's funeral in September 2007 so it was wonderful being with him again.

As Dad left my apartment to head to LAX this morning, he turned around, gave me a thumb's up and said "You're going to make it, Gus. You're going to make it."

Dad, I'll try my best not to let you down.


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  3. It was great seeing you and spending Christmas together. Sad, but it has been way too many years since we have done that. It was great to see Aunt Mary Anne, Walt, Jay and Anne. Hope they made it home okay! Great to see Dean and meet Ed also.

    You will make it through all of this, Dad is right. And everyone knows Father Knows Best! You continue to be strong. Do not let down.

    We love you and will see you in a few weeks.

    Mike (the brother)

  4. The holiday weekend was action-packed, that's for sure. Thanks for everything, including the wheelchair service at CityWalk.

    I'm keeping that beer chilled in my fridge for the next round of visits.



  5. We loved being with you Paul, even the scary people at the citywalk didn't bother you. Oh, right, we were the scary people. Hang in there, and know that we love ya. The Aunt