Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back under the knife

Luckily, my appointment with Dr. B1 Thursday morning went as well as I hoped it would.

I showed up early, Dr. B1 was on time, and he set up a hospital visit on Tuesday for more biopsies. On Friday I have to go back to Kaiser for the pre-op appointment.

I guess I was naive in thinking that this round of biopsies would be simpler than the other two that I have had this year. I've never had a biopsy under only local anesthesia; I've been given full anesthesia and hospitalized for each one.

I'm kind of curious about what I'm missing when I'm knocked out on the OR table with sharp instruments poking around the inside of my mouth. My only reference points are "E.R." and "M*A*S*H." (Come to think of it, Dr. B1 sort of resembles television's version of Hawkeye Pierce.)

I have five days to think about it.


  1. You should watch the Seinfeld dentist episode. It's not in OR, but it has to do with what might happen when you are knocked out.

  2. Paul, your courage continues to inspire me. I cannot tell you how disappointed I feel reading your entries this week. You beat this before and I know you can beat this again. For some reason you are being tested and as you did all the time growing up ... you will pass the test! You have a great support system with you in LA and I know they give you strength. Keep the positive attitude as that is 1/2 the challenge. I am with you in spirit and pray for you every night!


    Mike (the brother)