Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holding pattern

Any breakthrough in resolving my medical problems is unlikely this week.

No encounters with the Kaiser doctors who have treated me so far are scheduled; my next medical appointment is not until a week from Thursday, and that is a routine visit with Dr. Towner, my HIV doctor. This Thursday, I'll get blood drawn so I'll have fresh HIV numbers for that appointment.

There is a remote chance that last week's MRI results will be known by the end of this week, but I'm not banking on that.

While at Kaiser getting my blood drawn, I'll stop at the pharmacy and pick up refills on my three HIV prescriptions that are not available in liquid formulations.

I miss the simplicity of my old HIV regimens, all of which simply required me to pop some pills. Among those regimens, Crixivan, an early protease inhibitor, was the most complicated medicine I ever had to take. I had to take doses of Crixivan exactly eight hours apart, and always on an empty stomach.

I guess I'll know next week if I'm administering my meds properly through the G-tube. I have a tiny syringe for liquid Norvir, a large syringe for liquid Epivir, and an even larger syringe for Truvada, Ziagen and Prezista, the three tablets that I grind into powder and then tap slowly into a syringe filled with water. There are many opportunities for things to go awry, and if precision matters, I may be missing the mark.

With luck, in time I will have only a scar above my belly button to remind me that I ever had a G-tube, and I'll be able to resume swallowing my meds. Everyone tells me that they see that outcome for me. I'd like to believe that they're right.

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